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The launch of the 525/615/715 A4 series completes the imageRUNNER ADVANCE Generation 3 Edition II range of Canon photocopiers & office printers.

Ideal for both large & small offices, Canon’s latest A4 B&W series offers a more powerful alternative to putting up with uneconomical desktop printers. With immense power built into a small physical footprint, businesses will not only save on expensive cartridges required for desktop machines, but they will enjoy a faster and more reliable machine too.

If your business is running a number of desktop printers in the office, the likelihood is you could benefit from upgrading to a more economical machine such as the Canon 525/615/715 II series.

Canon ImageRUNNER ADVANCE 525/615/715 II Series

Key Features
1. Compact Design

If your business is forced to use desktop printers due to limited office space, the new IR Advance mono range may be the solution.

Due to a reduced physical footprint, the 525/615/715 II series can replace a small printer without taking up too much office space!

2. Reduced Costs

Another reason to consider upgrading from a fleet of desktop printers is the savings your business will enjoy on maintenance.

Although desktop machines are fairly cheap to buy, they are extremely inefficient and ink & toner costs can easily spiral out of control. Larger multi-functional printers, such as the 525/615/715 II series are far more economical to use and will generally have a much lower total cost of ownership.

The fact that most desktop printers are sold at cost price is very telling, the profit is all in the ink cartridges!

3. Increased Productivity

Desktop printers are great for saving space, but they really do compromise the productivity of an office. We often speak with businesses that process a significant volume of printed documents, but lack the space for a more powerful machine.

Capable of printing up to 71 pages per minute, the new 525/615/715 II series may have a small footprint, but certainly packs a punch and excels in all corporate environments.

The responsive control panel also allows users to customise and create shortcuts in order to minimise time wasted at the machine. In fact, the imageRUNNER Advance range recently won the PaceSetter Award for ease-of-use.

4. Security Features

With a growing threat of cyber-crime to UK businesses, document security has never been more important. Many businesses fail to secure network connected photocopiers; leaving them vulnerable to data loss and cyber crime.

With advanced security features such as Encrypted PDF, Secure Watermarks, Secure Print and HDD Erase & Encryption, the 525-615/715 II series will protect your sensitive data throughout the document workflow.

IRAdv 525/615/715

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